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Would love to hear your comments and questions!
Oh, for cryin’ out loud … you never end a sentence with a ♀!!

I haven't been able to contribute much to my blogs this year. My editorial load has been unusually heavy and, combined with the teaching, I've had great difficulty finding time to do many of the things on my To Do list. But I hope to get back to the writing as soon as I can.


Hi, I also like your blogs, but wondered why there are no new entries. Have you given up on them? I usually don't make comments, but wanted to know.
-George K


Enjoy your other blog, but haven't seen any new posts lately. Why?


I thank everyone for the nice e-mails, and appreciate the kind remarks.


Although Safe Conduct is available almost everywhere online, local American bookstores do not stock it because my UK publisher did not have an American distributor (as promised, by the way). Nothing to do about that since the publisher has since gone down.


Why doesn't my local bookstore carry Safe Conduct?


It's nice. I think I'll read your book.


Margaret (San Francisco)


Do you have any other blogs?


Check it out. It's very different from this one.


Not bad not bad

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho


Read Safe Conduct and loved it! Sorry to hear that Dolf died. --Karen (Florida)